2011: Season Review- New Pirate blood on board

2011 saw some changes to the original line up with the departure of Lucy, Natalie, Teo and unfortunately Paul-E . Luckily before he left the Master was able to train his young apprentice Sohan on the darks arts of first base.  Following a Gumtree recruitment drive we were able to welcome Alice Robinson and Ruth Panton (nee Saunders)  to the team. The ever prepared Sharon Goss arrived a week later as did our official KRSC sponsored t-shirts. Exciting times ahead and with the arrival of Baldeep mid-season we were looking like the team to beat!

Unfortunately we didn’t quite live up to Neil’s prediction of winning the league and in fact struggled to survive. In the end we were quite grateful for two forfeits which enable up to escape relegation and finish fourth from bottom with only 4 wins and 10 losses.

minors 2 GLSML table

6th place in Minors 2 in 2011 season

It wasn’t all bad as we managed to finish off the season with a win at Lastball, 4th at Bristol but most important we picked up the party hard award.

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