Pirates Invitational – 1st September

This was originally planned waaaaaay back in April as a pre-season tournament but was promptly postpone due to awful weather. Instead it became an end of season invitation with our friends from the Werewolves, Meteors, Blitz and Comets Yellow.

The day didn’t start off exactly as planned with questions being asked such as where was tournament organiser and Pirates captain Neil? More important where the f*ck was the pitch going to be as NIKE had set up a training camp right where we intended to play. At least it wasn’t raining this time!

Fortunately Chris was able to step into the role of organiser and captain and after a bit of scouting we found a suitable pitch (aside for the huge mound of concrete in the centre of it). After some minor adjustments to the pitch we were so into the thick of it with back to back games against Blitz and Comet yellow.

Considering both those teams are a division above us AND had a minimum of 7 guys per team (Pirates had 7 guys-6 girls) we managed to hold our own for a few innings only to succumb to their big hitting guys and girls- (Natalie). We did redeem ourselves against the Werewolves though- Chris pitched and we were able to hold them without conceding a run!

The day finished off around 6pm with Blitz as the overall winners and everyone in one piece. All in all a good day at the office.

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