Rain, rain, rain….

What a contrast between Saturday and Sunday.

The heavens opened up during the night and continued into the morning. You had to feel sorry for anyone that:

a. arrived just for the sunday

b. spent the night in the tent

Unfortunately for Phil, he ticked both boxes though I’m not sure he actually brought a tent along as it looked more like a giant white condom.

Our first game (in the rain) was at 9am against our old rivals- The Raiders. Lets just say that we lived up to Donna’s description of being ‘fair weather Pirates’ as we went down to the Raiders in a walk-fest. For the record a 9am start and the rain do not make for a happy start.

Fortunately we had at least an hour until the next game so we all headed back to the clubhouse to watch the rain and debate who we would be playing (2nd or 1st ranked team). It didn’t really matter as at midday they announced that the tournie had been cancelled due to the rain. No one complained!

Based on the results of the 7 games we were placed 8th out of 16 games. We’re not quite sure how that was calculated but we did actually beat the team that came 2nd and drew with the team that came third.

All in all a good result, made even better by the fact that we were all home early after a mid afternoon lunch in Wimbledon Village.

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