Bowled over by the Raiders….

After a last minute panic with availability we were able to field a decent team for the first game of the Bowling season. With Hermes our Raider ringer and the usual suspects of Chris, Sohan, Donna, Dave and newbie Sophie it looked as if we had the makings of a strong team.

The first game started off well especially in view of the fact that the opposition (Muffs and Puffs) only had 5 people which meant a penalty point and an easy win. It didn’t quite work out that way as they found their own ringer- the bowling centre manager who seemed to fit in very well with the Raiders as he took a shine to Sohan and had a very mincy walk.

More to the point he high scored for their team with 135 and we lost the team game by 16 points despite victories from Chris and Dave. Donna was unlucky to be beaten by just 3 points and Sophie did really well considering she has hardly played before.

Score: Muffs (6) Pirates (2)

After the first game we were literally moved from pillar to post and found ourselves on THE worst lane in the alley- lane 4. I’m not sure what it is about Raiders bowling but 9 times out of 10 we went up with the pillars either on our right or left. Not only did we have to deal with that but the lane had a most definite wonk in it which played havoc with our scores with Donna,  Sohan and Sophie coming in under 100.

Chris and Dave nailed another game each and Hermes saved his best shot for the 10th frame where he had to strike or spare just to draw even. Under great pressure he got the spare and then went on the win on the extra turn. It wasn’t quite enough to beat their overall team score and once again we lost by a small margin 606 to 589.

Score: Girl Please (5) Pirates (3)

With just a few points in it and a dodgy play from the Muffs next time it will be a different story, especially with some practice!

Lessons learnt:

1. Avoid the pillar (and post)

2. Thug bowling is the future

3. Don’t attempt to chat up a Raider girl no matter how cute she is and how much she appears to flirt with you (unless of course you are a girl)

4. You are still a virgin if you are female and had sex with a girl but not a guy (according to Hermes)

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