Heroic Hermes to the rescue!

After a busy month for all it was suddenly time for the second round of Raiders Bowling. Unfortunately Donna had to drop out at the last minute and Sohan could only make it for one game but fortunately Ryan from the Meteors was able lend a helping hand. Nadine also managed to make the session as did Alice (with her trademark rocky road cakes), Christ and Hermes.

The first game against “I can’t believe…” got off to a slow start with everyone taking a few goes to find there feet except for Nadine who got off to a flyer. Lucky for us Ryan started hitting the strike zone while Hermes was flying with a turkey. At one point we were heading for a clean sweep with Alice going head to head with their best bowler but it in end she was pipped at the post as was Nadine. Still, we won four out of six games (David, Ryan, Hermes and Chris) and picked up the team points largely due to Hermes and his massive score of 167.

Pirates 6  : I can’t believe 2

Games won: David, Ryan, Chris, Hermes

The second game was going to prove more tricky as we were up against the two time reigning champions (Joe’s Hoes). We moved lanes and took and early lead with everyone getting a strike or spare and that continued into the second frame. Unfortunately just as we were getting comfortable we had lane failure and were forced move from our lovely lane over to the other side. Whilst Ryan prospered the rest of us took another couple of turns to get back in the swing of it and lost our lead. By the final frame their team had a narrow lead although it came down to the last pin for both Sohan and Ryan, with Sohan just managing to beat his opponent by a single pin.

Pirates 2  : Joe’s Hoes 6

Games won: David, Sohan

League so far:

raiders league

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