Gobble Gobble- it’s turkey time!

With the next Raiders game on the horizon it seemed like a good idea to try and get some practice in. Lucky for us South Londoners (especially me) there just happens to be a bowling club in Raynes Park and myself, Donna and Sohan were able to join into their league. I have to say that were almost salivating at the prospect of having some new people play, especially when Donna arrived.

After a nice practice session on some well oiled lanes the bowling kicked off with Sohan hitting the strike zone first, followed by Donna. It took me a little longer but managed to hit four in a row and pick up a nice score of 167. The second game saw a blip in my strikes but a reasonable score of 126 which tied with Sohan, only for us to be beaten by Donna with a score of 132. More to the point she needed a spare from an almost impossible split (3-7) on frame 10 to get the extra go to win. Not only did she manage she took £5 off me for betting she wouldn’t get it.

Third game and Donna started even better than where she left off with a double, followed by a spare (after a gutter ball mind you), as well as a turkey then a split spare followed by ANOTHER turkey. That brought Donna in with an all time best score of 197 which made my final score of 179 seem feeble and was the highest score of the night. Am starting to think that maybe Donna is a hustler but either way this must bode well for the games on Tuesday?

Turkey time with Donna

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