Pirates stun the Raiders!

With the festive season well under way we had a few absentees this week (Hermes, Sohan, Alice and Nadine) but were fortunate to call upon the services of Ryan, Tesh and as well as Mr Consistent aka Shorty. Chris, myself and Donna made up the rest of the squad. With an awesome practice session last week for Donna (and me to a lesser extent) there were great expectations on the team to start delivering.

Our first game was against the Scorgams who were riding high at second in the league. They clearly had some decent bowlers but we took an early lead and were able to hang on to it throughout the game. Everyone broke through the 100 barrier and with Shorty just finding the zone in the final few frames to win his match, we were able to come in with a team score of 707 and pick up 7 points out of 8. What a start!

Pirates 7 : Scorgams 1

Points won: Shorty, Chris, Ryan, Dave, Donna

The second game saw us take on the Killer Queens on dreaded lane 8. The fact that we were next to the pillar did not seem to put anyone off with Shorty and Tesh striking and Donna and Chris picking up doubles. Donna’s great form continued all the way up to the 6th frame by picking up another couple of spares (including a split) and Shorty found the zone with some spares as well as a double to score over 130. It took me a while but I finally got into the game on the fifth frame and picked up some spares and a double which was enough to win my game and chalk up a respectable 142 (I still hate that pillar though). Ryan did his best to psych out the Queens but saw his opponent clear 150 and kill off his game whereas Donna destroyed her rival with an amazing 177. Practice certainly makes perfect in Donna’s case!

With 3 points virtually in the bag it came down to Tesh and Chris for the last points. Tesh initially had a 30 point lead but after drinking too much he managed to throw 6 gutter balls in a row (ugh). Luckily his lead was enough to win the game by bowling a measly 5 on his last turn whereas Chris was bean by 3 pins on the last frame (113 to 116) despite throwing a strike on the last go!

Despite that we managed to come in with a whopping 750+ score for the team and must have surged forward in the league (tbc). If we can continue with this form we’re in with a good chance of a top 3 finish. Bring on the next session!

Pirates 6: Killer Queens 2

Points won: Shorty, Tesh, Dave, Donna


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