Playing with the big boys

Following our good form pre Christmas we found ourselves in the Raiders Cup against the top six teams. Given that we were whipped 7-1 by the Joe’s Hoes in our first meeting it was going to be a tough evening as they were our second opponent and we had a selection dilemma on our hands.

For the first time in two seasons we actually had too many players with the arrival of Neil, Baldeep and birthday boy Bola. This swelled our team to 9 players and included the regulars- Donna, Chris, Hermes, Sohan, Shorty and myself.

Quick decisions had to be made so myself, Bola and Neil opted to sit out the first game while the A team took on the Pin Pushers. These guys were clearly up for it as not only did some of them have their own balls, they also had their own matching shoes.

As per usual it was down to Shorty to lead off with Baldeep up after, then Chris, Hermes Donna and Sohan. Chris got off to a flying start with a strike in the first game and picked up a number of spares and strikes through out the game. It looked as if after suffering for the last 6 games of the season he had a eureka moment and learnt how to bowl! Whatever it was it was enough for him to high score with 153 and win his game.

It was neck and neck for the rest of the team with Shorty losing his game by just 1 point, despite scoring a very respectable 147. Considering Baldeep hadn’t bowled before she did well to come in with a score just under 100 while both Hermes and Donna narrowly lost their games. Fortunately Sohan managed to hold his nerve to win the game and amazingly we took the team score point as well.

Pirates 4: Pushers 4

Points won: Chris, Sohan

So onto the second game with Shorty, Chris and Hermes staying on and myself, Neil and Bola coming in to play the defending champions.

Once again Chris got off to a flying start with a strike as well as Shorty, Hermes whereas Neil and I picked up spares and Bola blasted the pins. Chris continued his streak with a succession of strikes and spares as did Hermes and Neil, whilst Shorty, myself and Bola were always an inch out on the elusive spare.

Against the odds we found ourselves in the lead half way through with Chris, Neil, Hermes and myself up and shorty and Bola a few pins behind. Shorty managed a double to put himself back in it while Chris and Neil battled at out for the high score of the evening- 175  Neil vs 173 Chris!

Hermes continued to cruise through his game with more spares and strikes and Bola managed to catch up enough to take the game but just missed out by a single pin as did Shorty. My game had been neck and neck from beginning to end but on the last frame I managed some consistency with a spare, spare, strike to win by 3 pins. Further up the alley Donna scored an impressive 161 and won her game while helping out another team so it was good news all round.

With 4 points in the bag and high scores from Chris and Neil that took our team total up to 849. Not only did that give us the team points we are now officially the highest scoring team!!

Pirates 6: Joe’s Hoes 2

Points won: Chris, Neil, Hermes, Dave

Go Pirates!

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