AGM- 2013 minutes

Thanks to Neil for writing up the notes for the AGM. Here they are- looks as if I’ve got some work to do before the season begins!

Budget – Budget agreed to remain same at £110


Action – Dave –Purchase new Eastern Salvo 30oz bat

–        Agreed to have sports mesh, breathable top similar to Raiders / Comets. V neck. Will be black similar design to current T shirts, no nicknames.

–        One shirt each, if extra shirt requested, individual to pay for this separately, Shorts to remain individual choice

–        Action – Dave – confirm final design after consultation

–        Action – Dave – work out cost and order kits with size choice

–        Action –  Dave – Buy new bag with wheels to carry bases from Gothique to pitchside


–        Main tournament to be Edinburgh (24th & 25th Aug), while fringe festival is on.

–        2nd tournament to be Bristol Main (6th July) or Canterbury (22nd June) (depending if do C grade have ruled out B grade).

–        Also entering Firstball (Sat 18th May),  Lastball (Sat 17th Aug) and Inter league (Sat 29th June). These are 100% as long as we have at least 6 pirates to play in.

–        Pirates pre season Invitational to be held Saturday April 13th

–        No actions for the moment


–        Individuals can opt out of stats recording, let stats person.

–        Only stats that will be recorded regardless are Games, Plate appearances runs, position / sub.

–        Chris and Neil running for this position

–        Votes to be sent to Alice by next Sunday. Alice to email result of vote to all.

–        Action – All – Vote for stats recorder send vote to Alice

Roles of job

1. Upload match scores after games within 24 hours, preferably same evening.
2. Update batting stats from matches on to website
3. Keep rota up to date and contact
4. Updating our page on BSUK


–        Xmas party in Feb

–        Action – Alice Organise belated Xmas / Pre season event

Pre Season Dates

–        Batting cages – Tuesday 19th March, Tuesday 26th March

–        Training – Sunday 31st March, Sunday 7th April, 21st April, 28th April

–        Invitational – Saturday 13th April

–        First game expected – Thursday 9th May

Other business

–        Chris raised a point about Team announcement before the game. I will do my best to put the team out before the game but this is subject to change based on availability.

–        The teamsheet will look a bit different pre game to last year based on the feedback. I will now include Name Position, Games played, Sub appearances and Plate appearances.

–        This will give everyone a chance to see visually that all members of team are getting a fair game through the course of the season.

e.g. Chris – SS (10, 3, 34)


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