Team uniform- more designs.

With the AGM so early this year it’s entirely possible we might have a new team uniform before the season as opposed to half way through it. Check out the designs below courtesy of our multi talented short stop/designer- Tom.



At this stage the designs are very much a work in progress but we would look to add Pimlico Pirates to the back of the t-shirt and possibly a number (anyone in favour of that?). Nick names are a no-no.

One other alternative could be to change the design of our ‘Pirate’ as technically it trade mark to the Pittsburg Pirates. Currently we are looking at a few options but this face seems very familiar:

chrispirate chrispirate2


Now if we can add a patch and a bandana/hat and we’ll be onto something.

2 thoughts on “Team uniform- more designs.

  1. Tom Edwards says:

    2 is more favourite i think… might be hard to produce though

    Im sure chris would like to own the 4th design, but it’s a bit extreme i think…

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