Pirates sitting pretty

With our star player Donna not available and Shorty under the weather it looked as if we might be in the gutter this week. Being a true Pirate Shorty had of course offered to play to not let the team down but fortunately after much chasing by Sohan and Chris, Ryan from the meteors was able to help us out again.

Everyone arrived early and the air was heavy with expectation and anticipation as our first game was against the ex champions the Scorgasms. Like ducks in a row we all took our practice throws in order to get the most in before the big game.

Our tactics for the line up soon went out the window as we decided to play in random order, feeling we were good enough to take them on and not shy away from the top scorers. With Hermes leading off, Ryan, Chris, me, Sohan then Neil ‘Big Dog’ anchoring the team we were ready.

It was always going to be a close one but we got off to a nice start with some spares and strikes though they more than matched us. Fortunately for us their most in form player was up against Neil who managed not only to psych him out but also pick off his spares. By the time their turkey came it was too late as Neil couldn’t be caught, finishing on 156. Meanwhile Hermes continued to edge past his opponent winning with a comfortable 124. Both Chris and Sohan easily won their matches with so coming in with 137 and some nice strikes and spares.

The same couldn’t be said for myself and Ryan as we struggled to take out the spares. Whilst Ryan held his nerve to take the game on the final frame I missed the spare and lost to their high scorer- 128 to 121 but at least we won the team score point with a tasty 768.

Pirates: 7 Scorgasms 1

Points won: Neil, So, Ryan, Hermes, Chris

With confidence riding high we moved lanes to face off against Joe’s Hoes. We had a quick spy on them in the first game and saw they had some pretty decent bowlers- one guy who looked like Alan Carr crossed with Freddy Mercury had 4 strikes in a row and the other guy (Joe I guess) had 3 in a row.

Again we went with the random line up but this time I lead off against Joe and Neil took on Freddy Alan. Chris, now titled Chris ‘Bigger Dog’ was last to bowl with Hermes, Ryan and So in the middle order.

The game got off to a flying start from both teams with strikes galore including a rare double from me. Whilst their big guns got off to a slow start Ryan was unlucky enough to go up against a girl who was having the game of her life and after a turkey and 2 spares was uncatchable, though at least Ryan got some strikes and spares to add to the all important team score. There must have been something in the air or we were playing on an awful lane but everything seemed that much more difficult on this lane. Neil had a tough time with 3 splits in a row (though he came close to nailing the ‘impossasplit’) whereas Freddy Alan seemed to knock down the pins just by looking at them. A strike and a spare saw a mini revival followed by another dodgy split meant that Neil couldn’t win and suddenly we were up the creek as they were ahead by a few pins in the 10th despite a strike/spare/strike combo from myself and the game point.

With Ryan and Neil a point down it came down to Sohan, Hermes and Chris to try and hold their nerve to pick up the points. Showing no sign of nerves Sohan managed to take a difficult spare on the 10th and give him an extra go (cue Sohan blowing his gun fingers celebration dance) and the point. We were back in it!! Next up was Hermes who against all his fantastic form threw a gutter ball and zero pins while their player got a spare. The look of horror on his face said it all but he picked himself up, launched a missile down the lane for a strike. BOOOM! At that point with Chris left to bowl it looked as if we had all but won- Hermes needed only 4 pins to win his game but again, uncharacteristically threw the ball off centre for 3 pins and lost the game by 1 pin (121 vs 120).

It was all down to Chris Bigger Dog now who had the narrowest of leads in the final frame. Again our luck deserted us as a ‘sure strike’ only took out 8 pins and he missed the spare by millimetres. It was still enough to win his individual game but we lost by 7 pins for the team score, the opposition having recorded their season high score (726 vs 718).

Joe’s Hoes 5 Pirates 3

Points won: Dave, Sohan, Chris

A trip to Nandos soon got rid of any disappointment with the second game and more important 10 points on the night matched our tally from the first round. We’ll find out soon enough but it’s highly possible that we are either first or second, with one game left to play against Split Happens. Win that and we should be in the play off for the Trophy…..

Go Pirates. Aaaaaar!

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