Green Pirates take third place

It’s fair to say that things are unlikely to go your way when your team shrinks from seven players down to three in the space of a morning. With Neil and Shorty confirmed as the first casualties it looked as if it was all going to be over before it began when Sohan texted to say that Donna was unwell and they might not be able to make it.

Once again Chris and Sohan sprang into recruitment mode to try and get hold of super subs Ryan or Marshall but in the end it was Hermes that managed to convince his boyfriend into playing. We were still looking at only the four of us until Sohan called to say that team Dohan was going to be able to make it, though they would arrive at the around the start time which meant no time for practice.

For the first team we had been drawn against Split Happens (past winner of the cup) who had been right royally shafted 8-0 by the Pin Pushers the week before. That score certainly did not reflect how good they were as they immediately set about thrashing us with one of their players picking up a turkey against Hermes who, to be fair, was not having his best game. That being said it was in fact very close throughout the whole game with Sohan picking up some nice strikes and Hermes’ boyfriend throwing a double in the last frame. It came down to the last frame for Donna who managed to lose by just a few pins as they picked up a strike. Fortunately (and to save some blushes) Chris just managed to hold his opponent off for the point as did I but we lost the team score 757 to 707.

Split Happens 6: Pirates 2

Points scored: Chris, Dave

With only 2 points won this put us onto 22 points against 29 points for the Pin Pushers with one game left to play. Effectively that meant that we would have to win our last game 8-0 and hope that the Pin Pushers would lose 8-0 against Joe’s Hoes which was not very likely. That possibility became even more distant as we were playing the Stryker Balls again. Whilst they might have been in 6th position the team led by Lloyd who (for the record), plays in the Gay Games set about destroying us with strike after strike. I think he barely missed a pin the entire game which effectively killed off any hope that Sohan had of winning his game. The same fate befell Hermes, his boyfriend as well as Chris but Donna managed to beat her opponent as I did with the easiest point of the entire tournament. In the end it really didn’t matter as we went down 6-2 again, losing the team point but this time with a score in the 600’s- our worst since the opening few games.

Stryker Balls 6: Pirates 2

Points scored: Donna, Dave

Final Results:

Winners: Pin Pushers (29 points- they won on a tie break after losing 8-0 to Joe’s Hoes!)

Runners up: Joe’s Hoes! (29 points- yes they did beat the Pin Pusher’s 8-0)

Third: Green Pirates (24 points)

Still it has to be said that though we lost miserably this was perhaps the most fun session we had at the alley and of course we rounded the night off with our traditional Nandos meal and a respectable third place. Next time we’ll win it for sure!!!


MVP: Donna

Biggest improvement: Chris

High Score: Neil Big Dog (175)

Best strike celebration: Sohan (Smoking Guns)

Special thanks to everyone that played this season: Alice, Nadine, Neil, Ryan, Baldeep, Bola, Shorty, Chris, Donna, So, Hermes and Chris

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