Pre season vs the Comets

And so it begins! Unlike last season the rain didnt ruin the preseason friendly although thanks to Wandsworth Council it was near impossible to see the pitch through the uncut grass.

This time the friendly was against the Comets (black – div 1 and yellow – div 3) who came fully prepared with a full team, though only four girls. For us this was very much a new look team with Tom in Australia, Shorty on honeymoon,  Josie absent and Donna and Ruth nursing long term knee problems

Saying that and in typical fashion the Pirates arrived in dribs and drabs- with the ‘new and improved’ slim Shaz first as always, followed by the regular Mötley crew- Chris, Dave, Neil, Alice, Sohan, Bola, Nadine (on her new pink bike) followed by our new recruits Phil (ex diamonds) and Gideon. Just before we were due to start Baldeep arrived with Lorraine and Merin and we were good to go, albeit with three people that had never played before.

The game got off to a flying start with a ground ball homer from Chris followed by great hits from the first half of the line up. Gideon surprised everyone with his slightly unorthodox style of batting by nailing a sweet hit into no man’s land and both Merin and Lorraine were able to hit the ball and charge for first.

The game continued this way for a couple of innings where runs were traded, RBIs were scored and Neil also managed a ground ball home run to right field. It looked as if the game was going our way with two shutout innings from Neil and Dave but as the light faded the Comets Black began to swing big and hit the ball everywhere we weren’t, much to Phil’s annoyance. At that point and as the light began to fade (hello mosquitos) the game was effectively over courtesy of two huge rallies from the Comets but in good spirit they let us play through the batting order and we were rewarded with Pirate love and hugs at the end of the game!

2 shut out innings
2 home runs
Gideon batting four from four
Gideon’s barehanded diving stop
Lorraine, Merin and Slim Shaz all making first base
Phil’s almost catch of the season
Pimms at Le Gothique

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