Shaky start for the Pirates.

With 2 games played in two weeks  we were hoping to at least one of the games. Alas last night it was not to be as we were beaten by an in form Hampstead Heat. Mind you the blues did not exactly help our cause with three contentious calls on the night (match report to follow).  Still with all games there were some highlights including 3 double plays, 2 strike outs with Josie, Merin, Bola, Sohan, Shaz, Chris, Gideon and Dave coming in with some nice batting stats. Check out Sohan leading the table with Merin and Sharon top of the girls.


Hopefully Firstball will give us the game time to work together as a team, tighten up the defence and get aggressive with the batting. With the new kit being paraded tomorrow it’s got to be a good start.

Go Pirates! ARRRRRRR

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