A win for the Pirates!

Following on from Firstball last weekend we were all looking forward to the possibility of winning our first league game against a newly promoted London Tigers. The stats showed that they came second last year to the Fuzzy Ducks so a win was by no means guaranteed especially considering our recent form.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) we in fact won the game before the ball was even hit as the Tigers had to forfeit the game as they were two members short. Still a win is a win and despite the absence of Bola, Meirin and Josie we got to play a friendly game with Neil, Nadine and Marines playing for the Tigers.

With Gideon pitching for the Pirates and Neil pitching against us,  it was an entertaining game that saw Neil catch/strike out some of the Pirates, Sohan run literally over Nadine on third, Lorraine get her first out on third, a Baldeep catch and double play as Marines screamer of a shot (though caught by Chris).


Home runs: Phil, Dave, Chris

Catches: Alice, Chris, Baldeep, Dave, Sohan

Play of the day: Baldeep catch on third and throw in to Alice on second for a double play!

Strike out of the day: Neil pitching to Shaz for a double K!!!

Next up: Kamikazee action!

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