Pirates on a roll….

With the Raiders beaten on a lovely Summer’s evening last week the Pirates have now risen from last place to the giddy heights of third in the League. The result of 13-9 suggested the game was tighter than it actually was following an inspired performance from Neil as well as Baldeep and Chris who ruled the infield. Perhaps it was the appearance of Donna and her bump that give Neil his much needed boost?

This week sees the Fuzzy Ducks and The Mob set to lock horns and the Pirates playing the Voodoos in the mosquito infested Finsbury park. Despite the fact that the Voodoos are joint bottom of the league without a win we need to make sure that we do not underestimate them, especially after their surprise victory at Firstball.

For the first time in weeks we have almost a full squad (Nadine absent) which more than likely means that Captain Neil will rest a few players in preparation for the big game against the Fuzzy Ducks.

Meanwhile bring on the Voodoos….


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