Voodoos curse the Pirates

It was supposed to be an easy victory- the Pirates were on a run of 3 victories vs the Voodoos on a 4 game losing streak. What could go wrong?

Plenty as it turned out! With Alice unable to make it on the day, Lorraine ill and Nads out of the country we had to play again with only 5 girls and 7 guys which meant new positions for Josie (third) and Merin (Catch) and substitutions for the guys.

The game got off to almost an immediate bad start with Chris called out by a Voodoo loving blue (Mitch) for allegedly stepping on the plate, followed by Gideon being punished for releasing the bat backwards (not once but twice). It seemed that every decision went against us to the point that the red mist soon descended upon Neil who took it upon himself to remonstrate with Mitch -that’s a polite way of saying giving the blue some serious sh*t.

That didn’t work out too well in our favour as Neil was duly sent off . “You’re outta here!” were the exact words that Mitch used but after a good 5 minutes of debate was allowed to play with Chris deputising as Captain and the comeback was on. Unfortunately despite a great team effort  including numerous strike outs as well a home run from Phil and Neil,  we were unable to stop them scoring the winning run in the 8th innings.


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