No roast Duck for the Pirates

It was always going to be a tough game against the league leaders but we gave it our best shot and went down fighting to the last batter. With big hitting from both teams and catches galore it came down to just two innings that separated the teams. With Bola showing great composure to score a home run after being struck out and Shaz hitting 1000% on the day AND with her own home run there were certainly lots of positive points from the game.

Hopefully we can work on these positives and put some of the tips we learned from the ASA coaches into practice today, which just might tip the scales in our favour against the Mob. Despite the absence of Neil and Baldeep we’ve got a strong team tonight and playing 6-6 so we should certainly do better than the first time we met where we lost 10-3.

We can also welcome back Paul ‘The Glove’ Mendoza to the UK after a 2 1/2 year absence in Atlanta. Whilst we will not be playing today he will be casting a watchful eye over the team and coaching the bases.

Up the Pirates.

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