Pirates outgun The Mob!

For a change Lady Luck was on our side last night following a well deserved Pirate victory over The Mob at John Archer Way . With the Mob sitting pretty at second in the league and only one loss to the Fuzzy Ducks our win could only be described as a serious upset that came about through a fantastic team performance.

So far this has to be our game of the season considering the strength of our opponent and the fact that several key players (Neil, Baldeep, Gids) were away. From a stats point of view we had a field day with Shorty, Chris, Alice and Bola hitting 0.8 and 0.75 respectively and Dave, Sohan, Phil and Nads on 1000%.

Phil took MVP for the second time with possibly the catch of the season (best defensive play), 4 from 4 with a home run and 5 RBIs thrown in for good measure. Marines took the Bola award for her aggression in the box and her hit of the season while Shaz did manage her dive after over running third base!

Bring on the Heat!


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