Pirates tame the Tigers in Regents Park

Finally the summer has arrived and we were treated to a great night of softball in Regents Park against the Tigers. You couldn’t ask for a better game- Paul back with the Pirates, 3 home runs (Neil x2, Gids, Chris), great batting (1000% Dave, Chris), some excellent fielding (Nads double play, Shorty at short stop) as well as the drama of Gids taking a cracking shot to the head or was that a head cracking shot?

The final score was 27-17 which suggests the game was close but the Pirates led the entire way through the game and there was little danger of losing that lead. For the first time this season Chris picked up a well deserved MVP, with Nads taking the defensive award and Viene (now an official Pirate) receiving the Bola award.

Chris is congratulated by 'Street Chris' on winning MVP

Chris is congratulated by ‘Street Chris’ on winning MVP

Next game- Kamikazis!

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