Pirates flush Kamis down the Khazi.

It was a good night for the Pirates last night. Not only did the Pirates win their third game in a row with a 17-11 victory against the Kamikazes but we were joined by two fans- Donna (and bump) and Alice’s beau- Rob, who were able to cheer us on from the sidelines as well as Josie who was injured (not dropped as Phil asked). Nira also made a special guest appearance for the game and took outfield like a duck to water which earned her runner up in the best defensive award as well as scooping the Bola award for International Jet Setter.

Playing a 6-6 we led the game from the first innings and at one point were 12 runs up and moving toward the mercy. A small rally from the Kamis and a slight hiccup in our batting saw them come back a few runs but truthfully they were never really in it and the game was over without us even having to bat our seventh innings.

Dave picked up his second MVP with Sohan, Nira and Baldeep close runners up. Sohan just pipped Nira for the defensive award thanks to a great double play and also an inch perfect throw to first while at short stop.


Pirate Love, great batting, great banter and a really nice team to play against.

Next game: Raiders and Viene is already raring to play!

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