Time for Voodoo revenge?

6 weeks has passed since that game against the Voodicks and let’s just say that we’re not bitter about the game any more.

Actually- scratch that. Yes we are and we want revenge! REVENGE!! Muhhahaha.

As Neil pointed out there are a number of reasons why we have to win:

1. If Voodoos win they would have done the ‘double’ over us, winning both matches home and away. No one, other than maybe the Ducks does that to the Pirates….aaaarrrgghh.

2. This is our last home game at John Archer Way for 9 months : (

3. Victory would leave Voodoos tinkering on the brink of relegation and we’d never have to play the Voodoos again.

4. We have 2 away games left, one at Ducks and one we might not play against heat and we want to finish over 50% win rate (currrently played 11, won 6, lost 5)

5. We’re better than them.

6. Finishing 3rd two years in a row would be a very good achievement. A win would guarantee third.

7. Theoretically we can still finish 2nd if we win all 3 games and mob lose their two. Bola however doesn’t believe this can happen.

8. Stu is a cockerel (delete last 4 letters)

9. Their catcher is a class A dick (though BASU qualified as he likes to point out)

10.Their pitcher is a miserable cow

The time has come to kick them back to Minors 6!



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