Heat too hot for Pirates in Hampstead

First it was on. Then it was off. Then it was back on again. Then it was a forfeit. Then it was back on again. Such is the trauma of playing Hampstead Heat on the least accessible pitch in the league.

Finally we got to play our away game against Hampstead Heat and it couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time- bang slap in the middle of the biggest week ever for the Pirates. As if Lastball on Saturday, 2 games against the development squad on Monday and Edinburgh at the end of the week wasn’t enough we ended up having to play Heat on the Wednesday night. Hmmm maybe the forfeit was a better idea

With Marines, Alice and Nads all out of the game we had to borrow Nads 2 and Vics from the Base Invaders to field a 6-6 (Neil was injured and Phil was absent). Any game that starts off with Shorty, Viene and Dave going out on a pop up is not going to be a good one! Suffice to say it wasn’t good for the Pirates as our batting sucked, with the exception of Shorty’s home run and Josie’s solid performance.

We lost the game 15-5 and recorded our second lowest batting stats since losing to the Fuzzy Ducks the week before. Admittedly the result didn’t affect our league position but with two losses in the last 2 league games it wasn’t the way we wanted to finish the season, especially having lost to HH both home and away! Still we had Edinburgh to redeem ourselves….

MVP: Josie!!

Bola Award: Shorty (for base coaching himself)

Defensive award: Dave

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