Introducing the Pimlico Parrots

As you all know Neil has been keen on the idea of setting up a second team for next season which would be more of a recreational/social team. In keeping with the Pirates theme and our Pimlico heritage the most obvious name for the team is the Pimlico Parrots!!

Quite how a ‘squawk’ at the end of the 3 cheers will go down in comparison to our customary ‘ARRRRRRRR!’ but the choice of logos is looking good. Here are a few to consider for the AGM:

838091228825401 cartoon-baby-parrot-pirate stock-vector-cute-cartoon-pirate-parrot-vector-illustration-with-simple-gradients-all-in-a-single-layer-86211535 toonvectors-11845-940

Top left is looking good in my opinion!

More about the Pimlico Parrots 

The Pimlico Parrots will be playing slow pitch softball in the Greater London Softball Mixed League (GLSML) Minors 3 next season, as a new development team for the Pimlico Pirates.

The Parrots will have a different home to the Pirates, playing in Central London in Regent’s Park on Tuesday or Wednesday night’s. The Pimlico Pirates will continue to play softball in South London in Wandsworth Common, near Clapham Junction, at John Archer Way on Thursday night’s. The Pirates will be looking to win the Minors 2 title in 2014 after spending the last three seasons in Minors 2 since being promoted in their debut season from the bottom league.

Both the Parrots and the Pirates will be looking for new players who wish to play slow-pitch softball in London, especially those who want to join a brand new team and play for the start up team the Parrots. Updates will be announced after the AGM.


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