Game 2: Pirates flourish, Parrots flounder

Following the Parrots huge win last week confidence was certainly high in the team. The Parrots took and early lead to go 7-2 up after the 2nd innings but then failed to build on that. Being an experienced team Banditos were able to capitalise on that, especially in the 7th innings where they scored 6 and put the game out of reach.

Parrots 8, Banditos 14

The Pirates were desperate for a win following their opening game loss to the Invaders. It was a tight game from the first innings but the Raiders struggled to cope with Gids unorthodox pitching and through aggressive batting the Pirates were able build a lead in the 2nd innings. Solid defence was particular key in this game with Phil earning the Purple Heart Award from taking a catch with both dislocated and fractured his finger. Eva also felt first hand how a ball feels to the shin but in true Pirate style didn’t flinch.

Pirates 14, Raiders 7


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