Bad week for PSC :-(

Two games- two losses. Ouch.

Whilst it wasn’t entirely unexpected for the Parrots to lose to the highly experienced Moanados, nobody expected that they would be beaten 22-1. It didn’t help that many key Parrots were away on Tuesday but credit has to be given to the opposition for winning by such a healthy margin.

The Pirates were looking for revenge against Hampstead Heat following back to back losses against them last season. In what can only be described as a very tense game the Pirates and Heat both played an attacking game to leave the score 24-22 at the top of the 7th. With the mossies out in full force the Pirates stepped up to bat and nailed 7 runs on the trot with no outs and 2 runners on base before the umpire decided to call the game due to bad light!!! No heads up, no discussion, both teams were willing to play the game out but no, the health and safety decision effectively cost us the game. Considering the Blue arrived late it’s got to be the poorest decision against us in years but hey, it came from the Voodoos.

Next week will be fun when we play them at home…..



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