Pirates take revenge on Voodoos. Muahahaha!

Following last week’s result courtesy of a poor decision from a Voodoo umpire this game had all the potential to an epic grudge match. As it turned out we played a perfectly pleasant Voodoo team- there was no bickering, snide comments, arguments with the umpire or dismissals this time and more to the point we won the game 18-10 with an innings to spare.

We got off to a bit of a wobbly start allowing the Voodoos to pick up 3 runs through infield mistakes but quickly shook that off to take the lead. Unlike last week we kept our composure through out the game and managed a quick run rally whilst defending admirably. With the light fading we breathed easily at the end of the 6th with the knowledge that we were comfortably up 18-7. No reversions this week as the Voodoos were all out in the 7th with 3 runs scored. Arrrrrr that be a great Victory!!

As with tradition they politely declined coming for a drink which worked out well for us, with 2 pitchers of Pimms between the Pirates. The Blue from last week?? Nowhere to be seen!

MVP: Dave

Defensive Play: JoNads (Josie snag and throw to an outstretched Nads on 2nd)


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