Good week for PSC :-)

For the first time since this season the word ‘rain’ did not feature in any email chains, much to Shorty’s delight. Instead we were blessed with long, sunny evenings through out the week- perfect softball and drinking weather!

After a 2 week break the Parrots looked to be in trouble as half the team seemingly were not available for the game, which meant Paul and Neil had to do some major emailing. As it turned out there were more than enough players and the Parrots pulled off a highly impressive win (17-7) over Disco Inferno.

The Pirates were on a mini win streak of two in a row following victory against the Voodoos and Tigers The Canary Cubs would be a far harder team to beat, or so we thought. In the end we didn’t get to find out as by 7.20 they only had 3 girls so had to forfeit the game and instead played a friendly. Cue lots of experimental positions on the field- Chris on 1st, Marines pitching, Paul at short stop and Neil on the booze. Needless to say we rounded off the evening with some drinks, chilli and football at the Gothique. No sign of the Cubs though!

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