BA: Pimlico Invasion make it to semis!

Considering about 2 weeks ago we hadn’t even entered this tournament full credit has to be give to Paul-E for securing our spot at the last moment (sorry Blitz) and bringing together players from 5 (yes 5) teams including:

Pimlico Pirates: Paul, Marines, Alice, Dave

Pimlico Parrots: Neil, Mat, Gerry, Wheeler, Miya, Chiemi

Base Invaders: Faye, Lord, House

Kamikazes: Mary

Mighty Muppets: Jen


Despite the sun deserting on the day we got off to a great start with a 10am victory against last years finalists- The Vampire Batters. Our run continued with victory against the Oddsox, followed by last year’s winners- The Bristol Creamers! With an easy 4pm win against the RP Hawks we were 4-0 and heading for a showdown against the only other unbeaten team- the Wildcats. ¬†Unfortunately our run came to an abrupt end as our bats were about as cold as we were and we barely scored until a late surge saw us pick up 5 runs in the last innings before almost everyone hit the bar and/or curry house in Tooting. Still 4-1 on the day saw us in 2nd place and certainly in contention for the cup.


Ugh. A 9am start and we welcomed Chiemi, Miya and Steve into the squads. brushed aside the BA Flyers to go 5-1 up and set up another tie breaker game with Maidenhead SC. In a bum clenching game that came down to the last ball the score reverted back to give Maidenhead the win and leave us with a 3 hour wait and a 3 way tie for second place. Unfortunately for us our run’s scored only placed us in 4th place which meant a play off against the 1st placed team- The Wildcats. Revenge time or as it turned out more a case of deju vu as we failed to bring in the runs, whilst they picked their spots. Still it was good to hear that they lost the final to the Creamers, the team we beat the day before!






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