Pirates heading toward promotion!

The Pirates are officially on a roll. With 3 wins in a row (vs Raiders, Hampstead Heat and Voodicks) the Pirates are edging closer to promotion, especially after our friends the Base Invaders beat the Cubs.

With 3 games left to play the Base Invaders are almost guaranteed promotion unless they happen to lose all their remaining games. The Pirates are 3 behind on 24 points thanks to the early season Hampstead Heat debacle but in a strong position to finish with the following games:

Tigers (H)

Canary Cubs (A)

Kamikazes (H)

Should we win all the games we are promoted, although we do have a little wiggle room and can afford to lose one game and not worry. Both the Raiders and Cubs are joint 3rd but even if they both win all the remaining games they will only finish on 27 points but lucky for us they both play each other for the final game of the season.

For those that like the outside bet then of course the Tigers are only on 7 games- should they win their next 7 they could also finish on 28 points. Then again one of those games is against us. One thing is for sure- Raiders cannot go up if we finish equal on points as we beat them in both games. Hopefully it will all be sewn up before that point!


Screenshot 2014-07-20 18.50.55


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