Pirates on verge of promotion!

After a thrilling came against the Tigers last night the Pirates came back from a 12-1 mauling after the 1st innings to win the game 26-25 in the 7th innings. It looked as if the Tigers were going to seriously dent our promotion chances as they batted their way through and forcing mistakes in the field. Fortunately the master strategist Chris made some tactical changes in the 4th that saw him return to the outfield, Neil back at Pitch and Paul return to 1st. Lucky for us the strategy worked as we tightened our defences, improved our batting and held our nerve with a shutout in the 7th to win the game.

The game also saw the return of Phil aka Mr 1000 who lived up to expectation to hit 2 home runs, keep himself top of the stats and pick up MVP in the process. Despite conceding 25 runs there were also some great defensive plays from both Paul and Nads though Nadine might just have picked up the award for her catch in the final innings.

At 27 points we need only 1 point in the next two games to guarantee promotion although if Cubs lose to Raiders on the last game we are definitely up, win, lose or draw.


Screenshot 2014-07-25 11.50.00

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