Are Pirates already promoted???

Despite the loss to the Canary C**ts last night we discovered that we might in fact already have enough points to secure promotion.

Courtesy of the Bola grapevine it appears that the Cubs lost their game against the Tigers back at the beginning of July as the game was called due to bad light! How ironic given our game against Hampstead Heat that Hampstead Heat were the umpires that called it. As we found out to our detriment the umpire’s decision is final so, unless the game was only 4 innings, it will count as a loss against the Cubs.

Back to maths again:
Pirates: 13 games, 27 points; 30 points maximum
Cubs: 13 games, 21 points; 24 points maximum (assuming above)
Raiders: 12 games, 18 points; 24 points maximum

The only way to be sure is to beat the Kamis for our last game of the season!

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