Champagne on hold. Maybe.

It was always going to be a tough game playing the Canary Cubs at their (crap) home pitch, especially when we were short of players (Gids and Shaz- finger injury, Alice and Dave away, Sohan taking a tactical sub).

Chris had to dig deep into Pirate alumni to find the 5th girl and luckily managed to persuade Ruth to come back in place of Shaz, who missed her first game in at least 2 seasons. With Gids out also with finger injury it was left to Chris to pitch, allowing Shorty to play short stop, with Phil and Mike (Chris’s brother) in the outfield and Paul on 1st. For the girls Marines and Josie anchored the lines, Nads played at 2nd, leaving Lucy on 3rd and Ruth at catch.

We got off to a great start and we leading 8-4 after the 2nd innings before a batting lull for us and a great streak for them. In between dodging dogs and picnics the Cubs had held us and were 14-10 by the end of the 4th. Despite the Pirates scoring another 13 runs it wasn’t enough as they won the game 28-23 at the end of the 6th. It might have been possible for us to come back in the 7th except for the fact that the park was actually closing so the game was called.

As if that wasn’t bad enough the Parrots also lost at the same time against their nearest rivals- Disco Inferno. The scores were tight throughout the game until the 6th when they scored 10 runs to take the game 16-10. With 12 games played that leaves the Parrots 3 points behind Disco Inferno/Golden Sombreros although they do have a game in hand. If they want to finish above those teams they will have to win at least one of the last two games as Inferno play Sombreros for their last game.

Screenshot 2014-07-30 14.55.48

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