Pirates officially promoted!!

After a solid win against the Kamis last night the Pirates were officially promoted to Div 4 softball! It’s been a long time in coming after spending 3 seasons in Minors 2 league especially after coming third for the past two seasons.

Pirates- Minors 5 runners up!

Pirates- Minors 5 runners up!

It looked as if our campaign for promotion was close to collapse after losing two of our first 3 games against the Base Invaders and then against Hampstead Heat. It’s hard not to forget that game as we were right royally screwed by a poor umpire decision that cost us the game. Shorty’s words to the blue were “you’ve just cost us promotion” but in typical Pirate style we picked ourselves up, pumped up the boom box and started winning!

We certainly didn’t make it easy for ourselves with team members injuring themselves aka the ‘finger crew’- Phil (broken and dislocated), Shorty (broken), Shaz (soft tissue damage) and Gids (ummm) as well as the ‘AWOL’ crew- Eva, Bryn and Olivia. Fortunately we were able to survive through some inspired recruiting that saw Agi and Michael officially join the team as well as some Parrot poaching that allowed Miya, Chiemi and Sarah to play up. Of course who could forget Ruth coming to help out her old crew mates. Everyone had their moment to shine but special mentions to Alice for the first ever female Pirate homer, Nads for her 5 RBIs against the Raiders and Phil for his amazing catch that broke his finger (shame about the mr 1000 though).

So that’s it for the league this season. There’s already talk from the Pirate camp of early season practice but with Lastball, Edinburgh and Solent just around the corner as well as indoor that should keep us going for a while.

A special mention should be given to Captain Chris- not only for has massive contribution to the team on the field (RBIs, homers, defence) but off the field too as both Captain to the Pirates and as treasury for the PSC.



Bola can’t contain his joy at being promoted.

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