Edinburgh- Pirates take the plate!

It’s been a good month for the Pirates. Not only have we finally been promoted to the giddy heights of Minors 1, we managed to beat the Base Invaders en route to the final of Lastball which we narrowly lost to the Kamikazes. Perhaps even more important, or at least more anticipated, was the best tournament of the softball season- Festiball at Edinburgh. That meant epic train rides, beer, shots, more beer, comedy, bed sharing (and spooning for Phil/Bola), comedy, more beers and some softball in-between the beers.

This year the team was a little smaller than last year (No Neil, Baldeep, Gids or Alice) but with Edinburgh virgins Lucy and Phil on board as well as ringer extraordinaire Alex from the Meteors we were set for playing 6-6:

Boyz: Chris, Dave. Paul, Phil, Alex, Bola

Wenches: Josie, Nadine, Whitney, Lucy, Marines, Fiona

With a record of 1 win and 3 losses on the first day followed by a loss and a draw on the second day we’re not entirely sure how we won anything but let’s just say we had a little help from our friends the Base Invaders in winning the plate, or should that be Base Pirates??

DSC02109 IMG_3410







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