League AGM report – Heat can’t handle the Heat


The League AGM was held this week and the undoubted highlight was that the Hampstead Heat have withdrawn from the league. Citing umpiring issues, lack of player availability as well as a strong disliking for the Pimlico Pirates and their manager, as the primary reasons for leaving the league. Alas, they have not disbanded and have simply upped sticks and moved across the Go Mammoth outdoor league.

No doubt PSC will be split by this breaking news with some cracking open an extra bottle of champagne at the 5 year anniversary part and others shedding a tear for demise of this once great sporting club.

The icing on the cake at the AGM was that the Canary Cubs failed so send a representative so will also start in Minors 2 with a 1 point deduction, if they can field a team at all.

Below is the 2015 calendar for the GLSML  season



2015 Calendar


23 February 2015 Annual General Meeting
24 February *** Team Registration OPEN ***(by Jotform, to be distributed by email)
20 March DEADLINE – Team registration
28/29 March Umpiring – 2 day BASU course @ Finsbury
10 April DEADLINE – Payment of league Fees
11 April Umpiring – 1 day course @ Ealing
18 April New Players Day
25 April Umpiring – 1 day course @ Primrose Hill
5 May *** 2015 OPENING DAY ***
30 May Umpiring – 1 day (Location TBC)
6 June Umpiring – 1 day (Location TBC)
16 May FirstBall Tournament
15 August LastBall Tournament
22 August BSF Nationals (A, B and C)
18 September DEADLINE – Completion of all league games
19 September League All-Star Games
Late October (tbd) DEADLINE – Completion of all play-off games
Late October (tbd) End of season party and awards night

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