Parrots – New softball girls / players needed – London

The Pimlico Parrots are looking for a couple of new girls for the 2015 softball season. We have a full roster of men but could do with a couple of girls after suffering a couple of injuries in the close season.

We welcome players of all abilities preferably beginners or novices as we play in the bottom division of the Great London Softball Mixed League (GLSML). Therefore, if you have never played the game before and want to try a new sport this summer then we are the perfect team for you. Our senior players will help develop your softball skills throughout the season in a fun and laid back atmosphere. We are very much a play first, win second team who always play with a few cans on the go and visit the local boozer after the game. Feel free to read some of our match reports from the 2014 season to get a feel.

The Parrots play their home games at Regent’s Park on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Away games involve various trips around Central London often no more than a 20 minutes journey from zone 1.

The Pimlico Softball Club will be running various training sessions and batting cages before the season starts on May 6th, so please get in contact by emailing so you can meet the team and see if this is the club for you.

Up the Parrots!



About the Pimlico Parrots: The Pimlico Parrots are a mixed softball team that play in the Great London Softball Mixed League. The league runs from May until August. The Pimlico Parrots are part of the Pimlico Softball Club and are the less competitive, more social team with many beginners who are new to the game having been established in 2014. The Pimlico Pirates are the senior team with experienced players and compete in Minors division 1. We will be accepting new softball players until the beginning of May 2015.



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