2015- Mid season review

Admittedly the posts this year have been a little thin on the ground/non- existent but a lot has happened since the season began back in May.


Whilst the guys line up remained more or less the same (Carr Senior, Carr Junior, Shorty, Bola, Paul, Phil, Sohan and part-timers Dave and Gids) the girls managed to rock the boat up with some big changes. After 4 seasons Joise walked the plank and decided to take some well earned time off softball. Marines was dealt an ankle injury blow before the season began which saw her hobbling around in a cast for weeks, though in true Pirate style she’s made it to the majority of tournaments and games to drink, support the team and drink some more. If that wasn’t enough Alice became the third Pirate to succumb to a 9 month ‘knee injury’. Clearly knee injuries must be infectious with Baldeep also picking one up!

With 3 key players out a recruitment drive from indoor brought in some worthy replacements in the form of Laura, Sarah (Player) and Jade- all from indoor softball. All have taken to outdoor like a duck to water and slotted perfectly into the team alongside with Nads, Lucy and Shaz.


The Pirates/Parrots combo got off to an early start at Slough Firstball at the end of April. It looked as if we had done just enough to take the plate after beating Clitz (with mutineer Bola) only to lose by a single run to a team with as much charisma as a wet turd.

The legendary Heavy Hitters tournament in Prague followed the next week with another Pirate (Junior, Paul, Dave, Laura, Nads, Jade, Lucy and Marines) /Parrot (Gerry squawking for his entire team) as well as ringers JJ, Liam, Alex and Weird Steve and the Base Invaders crew. Suffice to say that after 4-5 nights of continuous drinking that our softball was not quite as sharp as it could of been though we played well, partied hard and lived to tell the tale.

With a couple of tournaments under the belt our attention was turned to Firstball. Again entering a Pirate/Parrot team yielded dividends with the PSC taking our first silverware in the Grade C category.

The league:

Despite our great play at tournaments the league got off to the worst possible start by losing first to the Cheetahs, then away to the Meteors then at home to the Base Invaders. Not only did Phil lose his bet to House which will see him play in a dress for the last game of the season we found ourselves 0-3 and in real danger of slipping straight back to minors 2. Not good!

With Vienne jumping ship Chris made some tactical changes to the team which saw us pick up our first victory in a bottom of the league clash again Comets Yellow at Colliers wood. With one victory under our belt and our confidence returning we took care of the Knights and saw Jade take the catch of the season, followed by a squeaky bum 1 run victory against the Badgers that saw Neil take to the pitch in the last innings.

A tough game against the Base Jumpers saw us lose our first game in three but we bounced back with a sweet revenge win against the Cheetahs, where Laura slammed the first girl’s home run of the season. A slight availability problem (4 guys and 4 girls) didn’t help our chances against the Meteors but amazingly after 3 innings and 4 auto outs we were leading the game only for the sneaky Meteors to start hitting the gaps in our 3 person outfield and pick up the win after 5 innings.

Results so far 4 Wins, 5 losses and 4th (so far) in the league. Pretty good considering our start!

Season highlights:

Paul’s first official home run (vs Cheetahs)
Jade’s ‘goosebump’ catch (vs Knights)
Laura’s home run (vs Cheetahs)
Shaz vs Lucy MVP drink off (abeit Shaz drunk water)
going 3 down then winning the next 3 in a row

Batting stats:

Dave is clinging hold of top spot with Shorty, Phil and of course Chris breathing down his neck. Nads has cemented her lead at the top of the girls as well as 3rd overall place for RBIs, followed by Jade in her debut season and Lucy.

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