2016- Pirate catch up

How time flies. It only seems like a few weeks ago that the 2015 season finished with the Pirates keeping their spot in Minors 1 and the Parrots securing promotion to the giddy heights of Minors 2.

With many players keeping their fitness (and drinking) up through indoor hopefully the transition to outdoor should be a smooth one. Windsor Firstball gave us a great chance to brush off the outdoor cobwebs and play around with our positions. After a shaky start we did well to reach the Plate final after a legendary Pirate rally against Richings Park but were narrowly beaten by a very strong BA team.

Certainly the ingredients are there for a great season especially as for the first time in years, (drum roll), the Pirates have a FULL squad with the following new players joining:

Joyce (signed under contract for life by Chris)

Team MiMi (aka Miya and Chiemi from the Parrots)

Nads 2 (Nadia from Base Invaders)

Debs (recruited by Paul and signed under contract for life by Chris)

Sadly we have also had some departures from the team- Laura (f*cked off to Bristol as Chris delicately puts it), Lucy (in Malaysia) as well as Marines who is due to head to Oz in the very near future. All of them will be missed hugely but it goes without saying that the party won’t be the same without Marines though thankfully another team will get to win beer pong.

Hopefully this year we will also see some cameo performances from some returning Pirates- in particular Tom (fresh from 2 years in Oz) and Alice who has fully recovered from her knee injury. That of course leaves this motley crew of regulars:

Guys: Chris, Mendy, Phil, Bola, Dave, Shorty, Sohan and last up KoTD- Junior

Girls: Nads, Jade, Player, Shaz

First game- May 3rd- The Moanados @ JAW!





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