Pirates: May preview

Just two days to go and the Pirate’s season kicks off against a newly promoted Moanado team. For anyone that can’t remember the last time we played them it was the reverse fixture to perhaps one of the most bad tempered game we’ve played in. In case you can’t remember here’s a refresher:


A nice 9 day break (with Firstball on the weekend) will see us take on the Cheetahs, followed by a trip to Norf London for the Meteors. At least this season we will not have to contend with Alex’s line drives! Both these games are likely to be tough ones before playing the relegated then re-promoted Knights.

Snip20160430_1Hopefully by the end of the month we should be able to model our shiny new ‘official’ Pirates softball top. A big thanks for Bola and Chris for making that happen. Make sure you choose your name and number quickly or Bola will be deciding….
image001 image002


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