Firstball 2016- Pirates take 2nd place!

What a start to the season for the Pirates! After an excellent first game against the Tornados it was time for the first official tournament of the season- Firstball.

Unlike last year we were playing up a division (white) which meant a mix of teams from Minors 1 and Majors 2 including Kamikazes (Min1), Knights (Min1), Base Invaders (Maj3), The Mob (Maj3), Chargers (Maj3), Base Jumpers (Maj3). A slight mix up over Player playing meant that we were forced to play 5-5 with a guy subbing each game and the following line up:

Neil (P), Shaz (C), Bola (1B), Nads (2B), Nads2 (3B), Chris (SS), JJ (LF), DC (CL), Debs (RF), Shorty (CR), Mikey (outfield)

With a sun blazing and a leisurely start time of 10am we got off to a flying start with a victory over the Kamis followed by the Chargers. We found a nice spot out of the sun for lunch followed by another victory against the Knights and before Chris pitched against the Base Jumpers (winners last year) which saw some home runs galore* from most of the guys and another resounding win to take us to top position (4-0) with a place in the semis against The Mob!

Talk about a tight game but with some great offence and some equally impressive defence we were able to hold them off an win by a couple of runs and take on the Chargers (again) in a 7 innings final. Having already beaten them once in the day confidence was high and we held our own until the 5th innings where they were able to rotate their squad and put on a few more runs against us. With legs tiring, the sun retreating we managed to score a few more runs courtesy of a huge homer from Bola before we eventually succumbed at the bottom of the 7th.

The result didn’t matter- Pirate heads were held high having made it to the final undefeated and having beaten 3 teams from the Majors on the way there. The icing on the cake was that the mighty Base Invaders came 5th!

DSC02496* wind assisted (Shorty)

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