Captain Carr ties the knot!

Another year and another Pirate wedding though this time it was time for Captain Carr and Josie to take to the altar. The Pirates descended en masse over the weekend to the picturesque town of Salisbury to witness a perfect wedding in Josie’s local church. Given the ominous weather forecast it couldn’t have turned out better as the sun shone brightly over the weekend and everything went according to plan, other than Junior Junior missing the weather through hangover induced illness. Chris and the groomsmen scrubbed up well, Josie looked amazing in her dress and Shorty delivered an excellent best man speech including some great build up.

Who else but Metallica (Nothing else matters) could be the choice for the first dance and with that complete the party began! Luckily for most of the Pirates the meal had sufficiently lined our stomachs with the exception of Phil who allegedly emptied his on several occasions and JJ who promptly turned into a passed up pumpkin at midnight. The rest of the crew partied on at Salisbury’s premier nightclub which smelled of feet but luckily there were no casualties that night, just some hangovers to nurse in the morning.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS from us all to Mr and Mrs Carr!

Yard they tied the knot

Yarrrrrr they tied the knot!


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