Pirates bounce back with win over Meteors

We all know the game against the Cheetahs was not our best to the point that it was not even mentioned in the blog. What was important that we bounced back against a strong and undefeated Meteors team away at Finsbury Park.

Once again the guys were notorious in their absence with Chris on his minimoon, Sohan on new baby duty, Junior at uni and Bola AWOL we had to call upon Neil to pitch and JJ’s friend Tim to help out, though it was good to see Shorty back for his first league game this season. The girls were far more reliable again with only Nads, Nads2 (broken finger) and Player absent which left the following line up:

Shorty (CR), Jade (RF), Neil (P), Chiemi (2B), Dave (CL), Shaz (C), Phil (SS), Miya (3B), Paul (1B), Debs (DH), Tim (DH)

The game was officially tight with a capital T for the first few innings with barely a run separating the teams. With solid defence coming in particular from Phil at shortstop, Miya on 3rd and JJ/Shorty in the outfield we were able to hold the Meteors to just a couple of runs after the fifth innings, where we batted solidly and picked up 8 runs.

With a lot of the team leaving early we didn’t have time to vote for MVP but it should be mentioned that Shorty had a perfect game (1 walk and .1000) as did Chiemi and Debs. Neil had a great day on the mound as the Meteors loved to hit to him, Dave hit the only homer from the Pirates and Phil and Paul combined with perhaps the play of the day with a cannon from Phil to Paul to take the out at first.

Final score: Pirates 13, Meteors 8

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