Pirates kick Knight arse!

Following a tight game against the Meteors last week it was time to let loose against the re-promoted Knights. Last year we fared well against them with a home and away victory but as we know all too well in softball you can never underestimate your opponent (anyone remember losing twice to an awful Hampstead Heat in the same season??).

Fortunately the ghosts of our past were laid to rest as we mercied the Knights 21-3 with two innings to spare. It’s not that we particularly hit a huge number of runs in any particular innings (maximum of 6 in the fourth innings) but we defended particularly well to hold them to just 3 runs in the third innings.

Chris, Dave and Russ all managed to hit 1.000 and Chiemi and Nads both put in excellent batting performances to keep them top of the girl’s stats. Chris, Nads and Dave picked up 3 votes each for MVP though Chris easily won the drink off. Paul demonstrated just how nimble he is on first space with a potential crotch splitting stretch as well as a well caught ball just on the dead ball zone to earn the defensive award, narrowly beating Nad’s ball ‘pluck’.  A big thanks to Russ for helping us out- much appreciated.

Bola did particularly well to hold his temper and not insert his brand new bat up Steve’s rear end after not one, but two highly debatable calls, the most contentious being batter out of the box. For the record that is two Pirates called out the box in two weeks versus the last call almost 3 years ago when Mitch called Chris out when umpiring that game against our friends the Voodoos.

Final Score: Pirates 21, Knights 3

Line up:

Chris (SS), Jade (LF), Dave (P), Nads (2B), Bola (CR), Chiemi (3B), Russ (CL), Joyce (RF), Paul (1B), Shaz (C)

Absent: Shorty, Phil, Junior, Sohan, Dallas, Nads2, Miya, Player


Captain Carr (after drink off)

Runners up; Nads, Dave

Defensive award:


Runners up: Nads, Chiemi

Bola award

Dave (For being a ‘legend’. Either that or shouting out more crap calls)

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