Mixed fortunes for the Pirates

It’s been a long time since the last post when Pirates topped the league with 3 wins out of 4 row at the beginning of the season. A mercy at the hands of the Raiders saw the beginning of the losing streak with heavy losses against the Badgers (9-28), Meteors 3 (8-23) followed by the one that really hurt against the Knights (15-13). Yes you read that correctly- the Knights, the same team that we had beaten 21-3 six weeks earlier. The phrase ‘shit show’ coined by Captain Chris has not often been used in association with the Pirates but summed up our performance against a team that we should have beaten were in not for a string of unforced areas.


‘shit shower’













Clearly this loss and the imminent threat of relegation must have galvanised the team as the very next week we managed to beat the league leaders- the Raiders. Not just beat, we completely thrashed them with a score of 25-10 with Neil on 9 RBIs (!!),  Shaz celebrating her birthday with MVP and Nads picking up the defensive award. Suddenly the league was wide open again, we had moved ourselves further away from the relegation zone but had to face the Badgers who were in second position in the league.

In a topsy turvy game that saw the Pirates fight back from 6-1 down we regained the lead in the forth innings, only to lose it, regain it and then in the very last innings with two outs lose the game on the final hit. It might have been a loss but it was a hell of a lot better than our performance against the Knights, especially agains a team that had mercied us a month earlier (Phil MVP and Joyce took the defensive award).

Unfortunately that loss, narrow as it was put us right back in the relegation battle with a must win game against the Kamis. After securing amazing results and promotion last year it looked as if they were going to be one of the contenders for Minors 1 but this season they have struggled for for. It looked as if we were going to be able to play 6-6 but with Phil and Dave both held up at work (Bola and Miya absent) Chris had to go for 5-5 with Nads2 on the bench and JJ (yes JJ) making her debut performance as pitcher. We got off to a great start with JJ putting in a great performance as pitcher with 4 up and 3 outs, while we managed to score 5 in the 1st innings to storm into the lead. That lead was short lived after Weird Steve sabotaged JJ’s pitching skills and they were able to score 9 runs against our 2 runs. The 3rd and 4th innings saw their lead increase but another 7 runs whilst we scored only 4 runs to see them lead 17-9 at the top of the 4th.

Time for some changes as Captain Chris moved to his familiar position of short stop, Chiemi to 2nd base and Dave pitching with Nads2 in at catch and Shaz, Sohan, Shorty and JJ in the outfield, Paul on 3rd and Nads on 1st. As darkness descended and Pirates up to bat suddenly the game changed with Dave, followed by Chris and then Shorty scoring home runs, Chiemi, Nads2, JJ, Paul and Sohan all picking up at least 2 RBIs allowing us to score 12 runs in 3 innings, with 7 runs being scored in the last innings. A special mention to Nads2 then Paul for picking up 2 critical RBIs in the last innings but JJ picked up the last RBI with a huge hit. Normally scoring 12 runs in any game in 3 innings would be enough to win but as the Kamis were already 8 ahead we had to hold them for the next 3 innings which is exactly what we did. Chris and Chiemi combined perfectly to take the outs running in to 2nd while Chris and Nads combined with effortless ease to kill off their attack on 1st. Sohan took one of the best outfield catches of the season- some might say it was a Bola inspired catch with a run followed by a flying catch and the quick throw in. Paul E got in there with a critical catch and Dave managed to hold his nerve and strike out the last batter of the game. Job done!

Kamis 19, Pirates 21

MVP: Chris

Runner up: Sohan, Paul/Dave/Bola (!)

Defensive award: Sohan

Runners up: Dave, Chris-Cheimi, Chris-Nads

Next game: Kamis round 2


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