After a narrow escape last night we can breathe a small sigh of relief as we are out of the relegation zone for the moment. With Tornados beating the Raiders last night they didn’t do us any favours as it is still possible for them to avoid relegation, especially if they beat us. As Tom would say we’ve got to be ‘tight like prom night’ for the next 3 games and aim to win them all and go out on a high. Here’s the table so far:


As you can see the Kamis are down and it looks as if the Knights are possibly down as well though they do have a game left to play against the Cheetahs. Tornadoes have 4 games left- against the Raiders, Meteors, Kamis and finally us for the last day of the season. A victory on August 18 should mean that we stay up with the Knights being the most likely team to go down, unless the Tornados slip up in their run in.

Regardless of the results for the other teams this is a MUST. WIN. GAME. That means that we are going to have to go with the strongest team on the day with set positions and then make the substitutions. Put simply – let’s make it easy for Chris and the team selection!!


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