Wanted! New players for Buccs and Parrots

Due to some last minute shenanigans both the Buccs and the Parrots are on the hunt for new players, especially girls. Buccs are based in Wandsworth and are in Minors 2 whereas Parrots are Minors 3 and based in Regents Park. Just in case anyone is not familiar with the term minors/majors it means that we play in the more recreational league (vs competitive) and like to have a drink before during and definitely after the game at the Gothique, followed by some cheeky cocktails at the Adventure Bar.

Whether you are new to softball or played before and feel like a change then drop us a line!There are practice sessions on Wednesday 12th April (batting cages or on field session at John Archer Way) and most likely to be another practice over the Easter break. The season officially starts in a couple of weeks but even if you’re new the learning curve is not that steep!



2 thoughts on “Wanted! New players for Buccs and Parrots

  1. Michael Burn says:

    If you’re ever in need of a guy, then let me know, I play every position at what I would consider a reasonable level and if I’m free I’m more than happy to help you out!

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