For Bucc’s sake!

After a particularly warm weekend Monday took a distinct turn for the worst with the temperature plunging. At one point there was even a mini blizzard followed by some lovely rain but the all clear was given for the first game of the season. The trains tried their best to ruin the match with an incident at Clapham causing chaos to most of the South London players as well as poor Elliot.

Against the odds the majority of the team arrived by 18:45 and we were able to start the game off for 7pm with 5-5 and 6-6 once Elliot arrived.


Curt (SS), Jo (R), Ray (CR), Jenny (L), Dave (CL), Bryn (1), Steve (P), Shaz (C), Paul (3B), Nads2 (2B), Elliot (DH), Ay Ping (DH)

We got off to a decent enough start batting with 4 runs scored but managed to let 11 in following a fairly innocuous batting display from the Knight Sliders. Let’s just say that we were getting warmed up AND more important this was the first time we had fielded as a completely new team.

The 2nd innings saw a huge rally from the Buccaneers (9 scored) and a much better defensive display (3 scored) before we surged ahead in the 3rd innings with another 7 scored. Were it not for their home run that scored 3 we would have held them to zero!

Unfortunately that was where it all ended with the skies getting darker by the second the umpires had no choice but to call the game off and look to arrange it later in the season. Let’s just say that the Knight Sliders seemed to be relieved about this as we clearly had them on the ropes but either way it was a great start to the season given that we are a new team.


Curt’s defensive play in the 3rd innings with 3 outs in a row

Team batting- lots of TBIs especially Mendy, Bryn, Elliot, Ray. Almost everyone finished on 0.66- 1.00 with some walks thrown in for good measure. A special mention to Jo as it was her first game (ever) and she smacked it.

Nice catches in the outfield from Dave

Roll on game two….

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