Buccing hell- we could be promoted?!

After the disappointment of the abandoned game last week against the Tigers (will it be called off/will in not debacle)  it was business as usual for the Buccaneers as they clinically despatched the Knight Sliders on Monday knight at Clissold Park.

Once again the Buccs played very defensively with Gem in particular creating a ‘gem sandwich’ between Steve and Matt. Sounds dodgy but it worked coupled with some strong batting from the team. Tristan hit the holy grail with a grand slam and Jenny added her second home run to her tally with a huge hit over the cones.

That brought us to 3rd place with more good news to follow with Disco losing to Mafia who are still undefeated. Now here’s where maths come in-

  • If disco lose again against Mafia and we win all remaining games we are up!!
  • If disco win their game again Mafia and we win all our games we are tied
  • If disco win their game and we lose…not worth thinking about

The crunch game will be against the Knights who are a hit and miss team and in mid table position. For sure we will bring out our strongest squad and be as aggressive as we can be for the all import win. With newbies like Laura and Gertrude in the squad as well there’s every chance we can win out and secure a unique triple promotion for PSC.


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