Parrots sitting pretty

Following an unexpected loss for the Parrots against Diamond Dogs last week Parrots bounced back in spectator fashion with back to back wins against BYOB followed by Brew Jays.

On Monday Parrots demolished 2nd placed BYOB with a 17 run rally to easily win the game 30-14 to tie the lead. That set up their first clash against Brew Jays who have the best defensive record in the league.

Unfazed by their big hitting guys the game got off to a very defensive start with both teams hardly scoring a run in the first two innings. A little luck (Brew Jays had an auto out and a 3 man outfield) allowed the Parrots to take a tactical advantage by exposing their weaknesses in the right field through huge hits and subsequent homers from Cuban, Chris, Nils and even Tony got on the homer scoreboard.

They defended well all the way through with some grey plays from Chris at Short stop to Jenny on first as well as some great pitching from Tony and catches in the outfield.

The Brew Jays did rally in the 7th and pick up 6 runs but with a 16-6 lead the damage was done and a well earned victory for the Parrots.

With 3 games left it looks as if the Parrots can retain their spot at the top/secure promotion but saying that they still have games again Brew Jays and BYOB. No doubt with an easier run in Diamond Dogs will be barking at their heals so it will be all hands on deck for the Parrots!



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